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Texas Holdem Game is a site that explains how to play the game of texas holdem. To play texas holdem online you need nerves of steal and a the patience of a turtle. Texas Holdem Tournaments are fast paced and exciting, however if you want to play in a texas holdem game where the element of luck is eliminated you need to wait until the blinds increase to a point where every play becomes important and where every texas holdem player at your table understand the consequences of getting involved in a hand against you. Playing texas holdem online is an easy way to learn the game of texas holdem without the financial risks nor the potential delays to playing in a land based poker room. If you want to play Texas Holdem for FREE try NLOP, it's free. The software is a bit strange at times and the bots play funny sometimes but there are real players on there too and it is actually quite fun. I have tried the site and I have finished in the top 10% over fifty percent of the time, so I suppose it is a site full of donkeys. If you enjoy Texas Holdem Tournaments either on a single table, a ring game, or a multi table format, you are sure to find the online texas holdem game that suits your comfort level right there on a FREE poker site. It doesn't get better than that. There are plenty of tournaments that go off each night with 50 to 95 participants so at least you can play for an hour or two and no harm like I said you cannot lose a penny. And don't worry if you miss a tournament as there are more coming up all the time. In fact NLOP gives away $100,000 a month in prizes for FREE, and who can beat that?

The key to playing the game of texas hold em is betting. In order to play texas holdem properly you need to be able to get the value out of your hand by betting the right amount at the right time. For example if the blinds were $10 - $20 and you were the first to act and you had $2,000 in chips (most at your table) and you had AA do you think anyone would call you if you bet $2,000 to see the flop? I think not. So when you figure out how much to bet for the hand you have and against the players at your table and given your position in the hand you need to be ready to bet and ready to fold at the same time. This is how people can become great bluffers. They bet one way with a great hand and then make an equivalent bet with nothing - are you going to call them with J 9 suited? If you can get other texas holdem players to call you with sub par hands means you are dictating the betting. Sooner or later people get tired of calling with second or bottom pair, or even Ace high. This is why the best players are also the best bluffers and the best hand readers and why betting, not calling, is such an essential part of the game. And please don’t forget that betting and position are such a big part of the texas holdem game that you might say it is like what bread and beef is to a hamburger.

Simple examples of pretty obvious bluffing can be found in many of the online Pot Limit and No Limit tournaments. When flops such as 3h, Jh, Qs hit the board with several players in the pot and a person from an opening position leading out for a small percentage of the pot, this is a sign of weakness and chances are that this player is not very good and in this case he or she has nothing. Let's say you noticed that five people limped into the pot (called to see the flop) at $50 each and then the first person to act bet $50 into the post flop pot, you know that this person is out of the pot (unless they are trapping) and unless someone else raises a significant percentage of the pot (minimum 70% of the pot) you will know the original bettor has no chance of winning this hand and little chance of winning the pot. In addition you know that they are a bad player and not someone you should worry about.

In fact this kind of a terrible play is not in any poker book because the facts are this player is no competition for you. More often than not when $50 is bet into a multi player pot where the opening blinds were $50 per player if other players call this bet than either one or more of them are trapping or they are all very poor players. If the turn card looks to be of little help to the players remaining in the hand (this is the case when the turn card does not provide a flush or straight possibility or does not match one of the cards on the flop, then in this case if you are first to act you can check raise or simply raise in position (the size of the pot) and odds are you will take the hand right then and there. Even if you get called chances are very good that the player calling is still drawing to a made hand and the probability is true that they will not hit their card or cards.

Watch how many times players make small bets post flop like this in online texas holdem tournaments. These bets are simply pointless for if you are sitting with anything why give any indication? And if you have anything and wish to protect it, you would obviously bet the pot, and betting the pot in a position like this really doesn't give much away. It's easy to be on a draw here, or just as easy to have a set. The wrong tactical move to make or stupid move to make here is to try to stone cold bluff at the pot from an early position. This is a situation that should not happen, however sometimes it does and you can thank your lucky stars that online texas holdem players are so.

Many inexperienced texas holdem players, when holding a pair, will attempt to slow down the action and do their best to get a really cheap card; a maneuver that is doomed to failure if anyone in the game can play at all. This is one of the more obvious bluffs in smaller Limit tournaments and games with which you need to become familiar. A more skilled bluffer may sense weakness from a limper or several limpers and raise a pot size bet, attempting to steal the pot if he misses the flop. This type of a move is not for everyone and few if any players who attempt such a move will follow through to the river on a bigger bet. Many can attempt a bluff but the real bluffers follow through. A common scenario - a player will attempt to bluff and the others will sense this (or at least think they sense it) and take away the bluffer’s thunder by raising. Now a better bluffer/card reader (someone with the nerve or confidence in his ability) will realize what has occurred and follows through, raising again or go all-in, with nothing but his gut feeling telling him he is making the correct play. These are the bluffers. These are the true players of the game. It doesn't take much of a player to attempt a bluff, but step the play up one notch and you have a player that will make a read he suspects the other player is bluffing. Now tell me you haven't seen this when playing online or in a land based poker room. Many players like to show they raise you with nothing. How many times have you wished you had raised them again, after you bet and they raised?

Have you ever laid down a set on the flop playing Hold’em without a flush or straight possibility? Have you ever laid down KK before the flop? If you ever laid a hand like this down against a world class player be aware that they will own you. Players think they are being so smart showing hands like this, but this is a real mistake. The hand is too strong. Obviously occasions will occur when a player will be so obvious this lay down can be made, but if this player can be made to lay down hands like this, and show it also, he cannot win in the long run.

Have any of you given much thought on how you would proceed when a sizable bet is made pre-flop and you hold AA? Is it really correct to go all in at this time? If you are guaranteed a call, this is always acceptable. If you aren't, why raise? Allow the KK to have the lead and bluff the money off, thinking he is betting the best hand. Players are always far more eager to bet their chips off than to call.

The main mistake made by players who bluff in Pot Limit and No Limit games is the amount they bet. Use this as a normal guideline for bluffing if the blinds are $25-$50 and you opened for $150 and received a call. If you miss and intend to bluff, follow through with a bet about equal to the pot. Also use this as a guide for betting when you flop a big hand. Your main focus for betting and bluffing should be putting yourself in the shoes of the player who's facing you. If he bets, what you would do with what type of hand and how to adjust to the play.

I am a firm believer in not making big lay downs. One reason is I sense a possibility far earlier in a hand that the player may have something. So I slow the action down to adjust for this. (There are many ways to skin a cat.) Realize not everyone holding AA can break a person holding KK. Then accept that if you can't break a person when he has KK and you have AA, you need some adjustment to your play! The numero uno best way to break KK is to have him bet the chips off while you call.

This is how to play the game of texas holdem.


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